Mladen Djankovic is a seasoned corporate strategist and marketer. He sharpened this business acumen after a decade developing global brands and has driven notable enterprise growth in the retail, luxury, and general consumer sectors.

He is the CEO of Rocking Inc. and co-founder of its subsidiary RockerMama LLC.  Mladen co-invented the award-winning Ready Rocker™ – the world’s first truly portable, patent-pending rocker.

Prior to leading RockerMama LLC, he co-founded BookedOut and held roles as both its COO and CMO.  BookedOut is a cloud-based mobile app/platform founded in 2013 that manages marketing event logistics and staff for some of the world’s biggest brands.  It was acquired in 2016 after becoming a frontrunner in the on-demand gig economy.

Relying on his expertise creating the successful on-demand labor app, BookedOut, Mladen is applying the gig economy mindset to RockerMama’s customer service department. The company is implementing a virtual Mom Customer Service experience where new mother reps can answer customer service calls and respond to rockermama.com ecommerce chat real-time from their homes and while simultaneously taking care of their babies. This might mean a crying baby on a customer service call, but a parent shopping will be getting authentic, relatable advice from a mom while giving her the chance to make extra cash from home.